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Our Tools Include:

3D Computer Aided Design, 3D Computer Aided Engineering, 3D
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, 3D Dynamics,
Engineering Data Analysis and a several custom written engineering
analysis and design programs.  

ET also has a myriad of
test equipment including data acquisition
equipment, data loggers, hot wire and vane style anemometers, static
pressure manometers, Type I and II sound pressure level meters,
microphones, accelerometers, string-pot displacement transducers, digital
dial indicators, pressure transducers, infrared thermometers,
thermo-couples and others.
Engineering Blog.
General purpose finite element software.
General purpose computational fluid dynamics software.
3D CAD modeling and design software.
3D finite element pre/postprocessor.
3D thermal fluid simulations.
Engineer analysis software.
2D kinematics and dynamics simulations.